Families Matter!

Is your family perfect Sophie? Far from it! Growing up we always saw our mum show up for people, our home was always full of people and we always expected it to be like that. Sometimes this would make us mad at her because we wanted space, but over the years we have learnt that this is her gift from God. Life is funny because I never thought that this trait is one thing that I would end up praying for – and just appreciating having a heart for others.

This week has been a week of realizing the importance of family, and how even when we get married our families earn a new member and vice versa – and it is amazing how for us this also includes our aunties, uncles and cousins. When my husband and I were dating he asked if family would be a deal breaker for me – given my view on the role of family, that question carries a lot of weight. When I got to meet his family, his siblings and his parents later on, I was genuinely so happy – because they are also tight. My siblings in law are my siblings, we talk, we hang out, we have a relationship separate from my husband – and the beauty is he has the same with my siblings. I am extremely close with my mum, and when I tell you I am beyond humbled to say that I am extremely close with my mum in law as well, I mean it.

Family is an important and the first unit in life and in society. As my mum always says “charity begins at home” – and this has always helped me because I always check first with my family before I check with anyone else. I am blessed to have a family, and be a part of a family that understands that families matter.

We don’t always get along – because of our transparency with each other we step on each other’s toes, but we always know it’s from a place of love, and so eventually we come around again. In life you always need to do your best in all spheres of life – and for me I stress that with family always take the extra step – it may not always be easy and straightforward, but there is beauty in knowing that we did our best!

This weekend take some time and appreciate your family, let them know that they matter!

Be blessed and thanks for reading!

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I love to write, talk and share my experiences, I strongly believe in the power of sharing and how one’s experience is enough to shape another person’s life.

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