Go for it – He is leading the way!

“Be strong and very courageous”

I walked into Nairobi Chapel South after experiencing a really trying week. We were attending our niece’s dedication. From the moment I entered the church I felt some tears balancing in my eyes, and I felt the Lord’s presence. The preacher on that day spoke on the Book of Joshua and the theme of his series was Seize the land but what really got me was Be Strong and Very Courageous.


Joshua was appointed as leader of the Israelites to cross the Jordan River to their promised land – this was after the death of Moses. One thing that stands out through this scripture, is that God told Joshua to be strong and very courageous – He knew what Joshua was going to face, He explained to him the vastness of the land that He had promised to give to the Israelites – but through it all he was transparent that the journey will not be easy, but as God He will fulfill His promises.

Joshua shows us that obstacles are not to be avoided, but to be crossed over – we must go for what God has promised us, because whatever we face serves a greater meaning and purpose.

Joshua’s story was real for me and through the entire series I kept feeling like I was being told “Sophie be strong, brave and very courageous”. At the time I was planning to start a blog focusing on something else that is dear to my heart – we had the website ready and were working on my first few posts, before officially engaging the public. And I thought that at that time what I was been encouraged to do was to start the blog and put out the content for the world to see.

The words “Be strong and very courageous” kept ringing in my ears. I remembered a time when I had a conversation with my mum and she told me how she sees me having a space/platform to talk about God, I was saved at the time but told her how I must practice law and she should stop wishing and praying for such things for me – I was simply not interested! I am smiling as I write and think about it now.

So, I put that off. However, years later, I started listening and paying attention to what God wanted me to do more intentionally, and His voice became clearer to me, His instructions for my life so loud, and Him using people around to me to get me out of my comfort zone. And at that time, I realized why He sent me to NC South to hear the words “Be strong and very courageous”.

So, I decided to take a break from my initial plans because I was not feeling settled and to pay attention to what God was telling me. It is amazing how when you open your heart to God, He really speaks to you. I started getting a clearer vision and this came mostly through people, sermons, and quiet time. In my launch post I talk about the weekend when a friend of mine spoke some real sense into me and that Sunday’s sermon just confirmed what she was telling me, and so I decided to go for it!

In life, we always miss out on things and then later end up saying “oh, how I wish I knew”! I decided that instead of ignoring His voice, instead of backing down because of fear, because of what people might say, that I will do what He says and I will let Him guide me and show me the way that I need to follow – He has said that “He will never leave me nor forsake me….but I need to be strong and very courageous” – through His plan His name will be praised and that I will sit back and be used according to His will.

It is not an easy thing to do, I have faced fear, I have faced doubt, but above it all I have decided that I will use the fear that I am experiencing now to become that which I fear not to be! There is power in fear, because it pushes you and it forces you to wake up. So instead of waiting to murmur the words “I wish I knew”, use what you have to work towards saying “I am glad I did it”!

Get ready knowing that He has the plan in place and all He needs is for you to obey!

Gather all the courage you need, tie your shoe laces, keep your eyes on Him and take those steps!

Like Joshua, Be strong and very courageous!



I love to write, talk and share my experiences, I strongly believe in the power of sharing and how one’s experience is enough to shape another person’s life.

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