Know better, do better, be better!

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” Colossians 3:23-24

I always aspire to know better so I can be and do much better. Life is a journey and as such we always need to encourage ourselves, prepare ourselves and take the course. As a Christian, I have always believed that my relationship with God was not culminated on the day I got saved – as that was the beginning of an exciting journey that requires passion, work, and sacrifice.

In this journey of faith God is calling us out to know better, so we can do better to be better! Just think about it, we aren’t meant to be the same way we were at the beginning, and this means not just knowing better but actually living like we know better.

I got to understand this concept of being and doing better through the eyes of a photographer and I was very humbled when he agreed to be the first person I interview for my blog – Antony Trivet founder of Antony Trivet Photography.

Antony Trivet

Antony started creating images in 2010, and in 2013 he started working on his professional portfolio and officially taking on clients. I met Antony in 2017 when we were looking for a photographer for our wedding; I loved his work as I still do. When we met in person, we shared our fears and our expectations and I loved how he was ready to work with us and promised that he will make us comfortable in front of the camera. We had an engagement shoot before the wedding, and as our first professional photoshoot he exceeded our expectations. On the wedding day, we had quite a number of people say how impressed they were because you could tell his passion right from how he stood, carried his camera and displayed different poses to us.

What has it been like learning how to take photos?

Photography is all about timing – it is about waiting for the right moment and the right light. Sometimes this can occur very quickly; while at other times you’ll need to wait for the right moment. This is particularly true during the golden hours. There’s no short cuts only knowledge! It’s taken me over 10 years of reading books, watching YouTube videos, practicing with various cameras to get to where I am today.  Committing myself to the processes within photography, I’ve been able to watch myself grow in the most incredible ways. I still have photos from when I first started.

As a wedding photographer, what have you been doing that to help you capture weddings better?

My enthusiastic, positive vibe and passion towards wedding photography is all over my face when you see me working. As a general rule, I have two of us covering a wedding. Not a main shooter and a second shooter, but two very dedicated, very excited, very engaged photographers who will be egging each other on, trying to get the money shot of the day, both looking for the best light, both invested in this day with all our hearts.

How long did it take you to finally get all the equipment you need?

Unfortunately the beauty of photography is an unending journey, which means that the wish list equipment will never be fulfilled.   

What is the one thing photography has taught you?

To be myself and believe in what I do – without compromising my work, my style and my desire to do better. In addition, to be more curious; and to throw myself into the situation – trying to understand the root of what’s happening.

Side note: Guys think about it, when we do what we are called to do and keep working towards making ourselves better, don’t you think God is impressed? I fell in love with Antony’s work (his fruits) before even meeting him, and it is his work that drew us to him – does how we live reflect that we know better – or are we still the same as we were in the beginning? Antony’s passion is seeing – it is visible in his work and the products of his work. Is your passion for God visible to others?

How would you describe the difference between a blurred picture and a perfect picture?

The blurred image is out of the focus and nothing much can be comprehended from it as compared to the perfect image where one can appreciate the composition, light and the mood of the image.

Image 1: Out of focus
Image 2: Blurred
Image 3: Tact sharp

Looking at the pictures above I only realized the completely blurred one (image 1) to be the not so perfect picture, but I could not see how the other one(image 2) was considered as blurred by Antony – because I lack what he has to make it possible for him to tell the difference at first glance. Think about it? It can be easy to fool the outside world that you are better, but for God your creator – you can’t fool him, the world may not see or realize who we really are as what we present meets their standards of ‘good’ but God sees that, and He knows and can tell the difference at first glance.

Do you read the Bible to tick a box – or do you read it to be better? Reading the Bible is good – it implies doing better, but doing as it says and being who it calls us to be – is being better!

Like Antony and his love for photography, we need to put in the work and the sacrifice in what we believe in, because eventually it will show.

For more of Antony’s work please follow the link below:



I love to write, talk and share my experiences, I strongly believe in the power of sharing and how one’s experience is enough to shape another person’s life.

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  1. Antony is a great photographer.
    And this is a nice piece Sophie.
    That verse youve chosen really speaks to me at this time.
    Whatever you do
    – do it with all your heart
    – as for the Lord, not for men
    – He will give you an inheritance
    – It is him you are serving!
    Cuts across whatever anyone does really.

    1. Thank you so much Junior. Yes it is a really deep verse and speaks to our daily actions, thoughts and speech as Christians. Thanks for reading!

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