This Year

This year has been a challenging one, and the fact that you are alive and sane is an achievement! This year I hope we have learnt to appreciate the smallest of things in life, and not to disregard what we have always assumed “as the normal”. The phrase “tomorrow is not guaranteed” has never rang as loud as it did this year – and the fact that you are here reading this, should be something to celebrate about 2020.

This year we have learnt to trust God more – with the level of uncertainty that we have experienced, we had to have and still have to have all our hope in God – as the creator of heaven and earth. He has held us together, He has provided for us, He has given us reasons to smile – even if it is once in a while, He has shown us that He honors and does respond to faith – He has been God to us!

This year has been a reminder of the need of holding leaders accountable. At a time when the world is experiencing the same thing at the same time – we have been forced to question our leaders, and analyze how our way of life is directly related to the leadership we have. It has always been so easy to blame leaders, but this year I found myself asking “what role have I played in having the leaders that we have?”

This year has been a year of leaning on our families. We have been forced to come together, and to interact more, and to know each other in ways that we probably didn’t know each other before. We have known who we can count on, who is reliable, who is dependable – and who is not! We have learnt the importance of family as the most important social unit in life.

This year we have also realized the need to have multiple sources of income. Indeed, I am grateful beyond grateful to have a job – but I have also realized that it is equally as important to think of the future as early as now, and to start planning for it, and to have multiple sources of income. No business, no job, is too small – it may start small and that should not discourage you, but keep at it! And so 2021 God willing we are putting our ideas into practice (let us support each other please…)

This year we have seen the power that is social media, as an advocacy tool, as a ground for demonstrating, as a somewhat news agency…social media has proved that it is such an important instrument this year, and people have been forced to literally think outside of the box in how we view it and use it. It has its disadvantages, but it definitely has its advantages, so the question is “how do you want to use it?”

This year (on a personal level) I launched a blog, I have not been as consistent as I hoped to be – and this is something that I will definitely work on moving forward. I am grateful for those of you who read my posts, those who comment, those who share – I am grateful, and just as you have blessed my heart, I pray that you be blessed as well!

As much as it has been such a crazy year, it is evident that we have picked, learnt, appreciated at least one thing in 2020 – and that is enough!

I am praying and hoping for a better 2021, a 2021 that favors humanity and allows us to soar!



I love to write, talk and share my experiences, I strongly believe in the power of sharing and how one’s experience is enough to shape another person’s life.

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