Am I always positive?

I get this question quite a bit and the answer is always NO, I just know how to get back on my feet when I feel low. One thing about me is I know how to cry and when I cry I CRY – and this is how I let myself feel bad, disappointed, hurt. When I am done crying, I pick myself up and draw a plan.

I remember when my husband and I were dating; he used to find this so weird. After a bad day I would call him and cry about it, and the next morning I will be thinking of how to move on – he never used to get how the same person who cried last night, was quite positive the next morning. But nowadays after a good cry, he asks me ‘okay, what’s next’. I let myself feel what I am feeling, I never neglect my feelings – and this is key for me, because through this I am able to come back to my positive self without any form of pretense.

This is one of the things I value about my relationship with God – His perspective on positivity is the solid truth. I love reading stories in the Bible of people praising God, faith victory stories – when God would prove that He is God. So many times when the world would try and bring me down, I remember what I have read in the Bible and I am able to change my perspective. Positivity is a thing of the mind – what I always stress is it is not a permanent state of the mind, but a solid one. This means that when things are not okay, address and acknowledge that, don’t neglect that and fake ‘positivity’ – after that then psyche yourself up, change your mindset, and be positive in the real sense!

I love the story of Christ and the prayer that He made in Luke 22:42 and the prayer that He made in Luke 23:34. Think about it Jesus is God, and He still asked for the cup to be taken away from Him (He acknowledged what He was feeling and was real to Himself and to God). In the second prayer – He asks God to forgive us, I see a change in His mindset, He understood the why and was able to be real and look forward to fulfilling His promise! Saying such a prayer takes grace, and also positivity because like He said at the end ‘it is finished’! It is not a permanent state of the mind; it is a solid state of the mind.

When I tell you that my relationship with God gave me purpose and just the ability to know what and who to focus on, so even when life happens I am able to feel it but also quite fast let the holy spirit weigh in and be able to give direction, and put my thoughts in the right state – positive state!

Be blessed and thanks for reading!



I love to write, talk and share my experiences, I strongly believe in the power of sharing and how one’s experience is enough to shape another person’s life.

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