Do you understand who God is?

Understanding is knowledge about a subject, situation, etc., or about how something works (Cambridge Dictionary).

In this context, understanding who God is and how He works in and through us.

I was deep in worship in church on Sunday and we were singing the song: “Hallelujah You have won the victory” and with my hands up in surrender the question “Do we understand who God is” popped into my mind.

I immediately sat down, paused took my journal and noted what I felt in that specific moment.

I have always yearned and prayed for a practical relationship with God and in that moment I was able to pin down some moments in my life when I went through stuff that made me understand who God is!

How we relate with God is based on who we understand Him to be. Is He a Father? Is He a healer? Is He a provider? Is He our Redeemer? Is He king of kings and Lord of Lords?

I am very conscious of understanding who God is in my personal life. One day when I was sharing with a friend about my life and why I love God the way I do – I told her that I thank God for people who went to Sunday school or simply followed the good teaching of the Lord, but I also thank God for those of us who also went to Sunday school but had to find the Lord on our own, in that journey we get to understand and relate with God in a deep way. The beauty about God is He is real and true to everyone. Guys when I tell you that I have a fire inside of me that burns for God and my desire is to see people experience the same – I am not lying! I love God because He has and continues to show me who He is…I mean He is God!

What helps me understand who God is?

These four things help me in literally all aspects of my faith:

  1. Reading the Bible and interpreting it in a practical way. My law classes on literal interpretation never went to waste; sometimes it helps me get the message in its specific context. Isn’t it amazing how Jesus always used parables to get some of His messages across? He really just wants us to get it – plain, practical, and simple!
  2. Listening to testimonies in person or online. There is way that listening to people’s testimonies of a real God helps me connect. You may not be able to see God from a specific lens in your life, but by listening to someone’s testimony, it is possible to understand God in that specific way.
  3. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. This is not always easy child of God. There is a time in my life when I prayed for God to have His way in my life – and within a week He answered that prayer, it was a journey and at the time I could not understand how that was an answered prayer. BUT because He is God, in the end it all worked out for good. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, whohave been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28)
  4. Talking to my mum – this is personal to me. I am blessed to have a mum who has an admirable relationship with God and she has always guided me. She plays a huge role in how I relate with and understand God. Like me, my mum has a practical relationship with God – when I feel I don’t get something sometimes I call her and those phone calls are always life changing!

God is a personal God and His desire is to have that real and pure relationship with us so we get to that point where we are able to understand with sincerity and in depth – who He is!

He loves us as we are and wants us to be better, therefore, know Him, understand who He is, and get real with Him!

Stay blessed!



I love to write, talk and share my experiences, I strongly believe in the power of sharing and how one’s experience is enough to shape another person’s life.

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