Word of the week – 08.02.2021

Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.

Romans 12:16

The other day I found myself thinking about how easy it is to be humble before those who we think are “more superior” to us – but how hard it is to be humble before those we think are “less than” us. You can imagine the look on my face when I found this verse in the Bible – I mean God does not just tell us to be humble but He goes further on to explain that we need to associate and love those we think are in a lower position.

I had gone somewhere on Friday afternoon to do some work, and the person who was helping me out seemed to be rude and was acting like I was bothering him, and so the first thing my mind thought was to also be rude, and for a second I was about to. Unfortunately or fortunately, I was just from the dentist so my teeth were in pain – and sadly this was my reason for not talking back to him. But as I sat to work, I thought about the words that were in my mind and I felt bad. I was glad that I did not say anything about it, but I still felt bad because the words were actually processing in my mind.

Child of God, it is not easy living a Christ like life – but it is fulfilling and it worth it. I always imagine that when we do things that are pleasing to God – He looks at us and smiles and says “My child keep it up”! Pride is something I believe we all fight with, because we all find ourselves in situations and positions that put us in a higher place than other people. But what God is calling us to do, is to act like Him in those situations – to always remember that in His eyes we are all equal – and so we should never despise or look down on anyone.

As I was writing this word of the week I was reminded of Matthew 7:14 “But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life and only a few find it.”

You have to choose to follow Christ daily and to keep asking Him to guide your thoughts, your speech, and your actions – your life!

Dear God,

Teach us how to be humble.


Have a blessed week!



I love to write, talk and share my experiences, I strongly believe in the power of sharing and how one’s experience is enough to shape another person’s life.

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